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We offer easy payment options to the clients.

Whether you are a business running Payment gateway for technical support or an individual looking for your own gateway to process financial business transactions, we can offer you a sponsored merchant account that is available 24×7. It is open for vendors all over the world. You can transact in a multi currency platform that facilitates GBP, EUR and USD currencies. This perfectly suits the demands of a growing business that has offshore operations as well.

It boasts of a 99.8% approval rate and with low credit score, it can offer you a safe and secure option to manage the financial transaction aspect of your business. Our sponsored merchant accounts have secure virtual terminals and you can transact unlimited volumes without any latent conditions. This eliminates the occurrences of misuse and adds another layer of safeguarding your sensitive information. Additionally, we offer a USA based support that is quick, time bound and prompt in its response.


PRO PAY SOLUTION provides online payment gateway services to merchants around the world. The service is extended to any business in spite of size, processing volume and industry.

Better Conversion Rates

✓ 99.8% approval

✓ Low credit score

✓ Bankruptcy & Foreclosure

✓ New credit accepted

Quick Integration

✓ High Volume, Telemarketing

✓ Adults, Travel

✓ Pharmaceutical, Travel

✓ MLM And More…

24 x 7 Customer Support

✓ Multi currency

✓ USA Base Support

✓ Secure Virtual Terminal

✓ Unlimited Volume

Our Services

PRO PAY SOLUTION supports multi currency platform consisting of GBP, EUR and USD. The transactions are processed through secure virtual terminal for unlimited volumes without any hidden conditions. It is most suited for high-risk merchant payments. The signup process is as easy as implementation.

Better Conversion Rates

✓ Quick Integration

✓ Open to global merchants with No hidden conditions

✓ Accepts GBP, EUR and USD

✓ Secure Virtual Terminal

✓ Free Technical Support, available 24×7

Quick Integration

✓ Quick Integration

✓ Open to global merchants with No hidden conditions

✓ Accepts GBP, EUR and USD

✓ Secure Virtual Terminal

✓ Free Technical Support, available 24×7

24 x 7 Customer Support

✓ Quick Integration

✓ Open to global merchants with No hidden conditions

✓ Accepts GBP, EUR and USD

✓ Secure Virtual Terminal

✓ Free Technical Support, available 24×7

Tech Support Payment Gateway Reviews 2017

In the past two decades, we’ve seen an exponential growth in the number of electronic devices in use. It’s a result of the revolutions made by smart devices, including Smartphones, Tablet PCs and affordable tech. One thing to be noted however is the increased demand of remote tech support. It’s quite common too. As you’d guess, not everyone is an expert when it comes to Computers or Smartphones. So, every once in a while, an electronic device user will require proper support from third-parties out there. This increased demand is the reason why we saw the dawn of many tech support businesses in the past years.

About Tech Support Industry

Basically, it’s a service that provides remote tech support for a bunch of users. We don’t want to talk a lot of this introduction, because we believe you are about to start a tech support business soon. Out of the various risks you should consider while setting up a PC tech support business, getting a merchant account is perhaps the most noticeable one. Because the industry is seen as high-risk, it’s not easy to get a payment gateway or merchant account if you have such a business. But, don’t worry; we have some effective solutions to overcome this situation. In this article, we have created a complete guide for getting an effective payment gateway for tech support.


This guide will help you for sure if you want to grab a high-risk merchant account. And, as the perfect example here, we are considering Tech Support Merchant Account. Before we begin, we should have a quick look on the remote tech support industry of today.

Tech Support Industry Today

Despite the toughness of getting a payment gateway for technical support, the tech support industry is growing like never before. It’s one of the most profitable businesses run today, due to obvious reasons. For instance, there is an ever-growing popularity of electronic devices, whose users include non-experts too. Therefore, in different aspects, they need support from an expert. We should also mention the fact that computing and its knowledge have become a necessity in most industries.


If we talk in terms of numbers, the tech support industry is growing at an incredible rate of $500 per year. It is something remarkable, especially when compared to the other industries. Another important feature here is the compatibility with low-level infrastructure. Even some comparatively small companies are making right contributions to the total growth of tech support industry. Needless to say, this is a great news for most of entrepreneurs and small business owners out there.


To cut the story short, tech support industry can be quite profitable if you can provide the best quality, offer customer satisfaction and keep up the reputation. And, the only problem here is the difficulties for getting a payment gateway for tech support. And, we are going to find effective solutions for that difficulty here, in this Guide.

How to Get Tech Support Merchant Account and Payment Gateway?

This is the big question we have here today. For those who don’t know, a merchant account is required for accepting payments from global customers, hailing from different countries and regions. We’ve already told you that the tech support industry is seen as risky one by banks and processors. So, it’s a tough path when you need a compatible payment gateway for tech support.


  • How Can I Get a Tech Support Merchant Account and Payment Gateway?

This question has the simplest answer you would expect. You have to submit your application to institutions that provide merchant accounts. In normal cases, it’s done by most of the banks and processors out there. That having said, things might change if you are looking for a payment gateway for tech support. The risky label we found above is reflected on this process too.


  • How Can I Get a Payment Gateway for Tech Support?

Let’s imagine this scenario. You have now decided to start your remote tech support business and have dealt with the formalities. And, as the next step, you approach a popular bank or processor for getting a merchant account and payment gateway for receiving payments from around the globe. Everything goes fine until you mention that your business is based on online tech support, on which point there’s a sad face from the bank representative. The reason is simple — the bank does not want to deal with your application because it sees tech support as a non-secure industry. The same happens if you approach some popular processors as well.


In other words, as soon as you confirm that you have a tech support business, chances of getting a payment gateway and merchant account goes to square one. So, what’s the solution here? You have to check out the payment processors that offer their service to tech support industries too.


  • What’s the Solution — Pro Pay Solution

Pro Pay Solution is your savior when you need a payment gateway for technical support business. It helps a lot of business owners to receive payments from all over the globe for the technical support services being offered. It supports all currencies, which is something great for the global nature of your business. So, if you own a tech support business, you can apply for a payment gateway in a few minutes. When compared to a bunch of other competitors, Pro Pay Solution is definitely the better option.


You just have to contact the Pro Pay Solution expert with the information about your business. We will soon get in touch with you, where there will be a discussion about your requirements and what are you expecting from a tech support payment gateway. In a few days, you can get started with receiving payments. Another point to be noted is that Pro Pay Solution has an approval rate of 99.8% and low credit score, along with the benefits of unlimited transaction volume.


We hope you are clear about the process of getting a payment gateway for tech support business of yours. Obviously, you must be using a service like Pro Pay Solution, which is a dedicated payment gateway for high-risk merchants. As you can guess, there are some other benefits too, such as core support and low credit scores.

Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts — a Quick Look

For those who don’t know, Payment Gateways are required when you want to receive payments from your customers. Depending on the various purposes, different gateways are being used. However, it’s a different scene if you want to receive payments from the customers from around the globe. Then, you need a payment gateway that has support for multiple currencies and credit/debit cards. And, obviously, in this case, it must have support for high-risk industries like technical support.


A Merchant Account is something different. It’s an account to which the accepted payments are deposited. If you are going with Pro Pay Solution for the payment gateway needs, you would get a sponsored merchant that you can use for the financial purposes. They come with secure virtual platforms and unlimited volumes. This is something impressive, because no matter the size of your business, you don’t have to worry about a limit in terms of acceptable volume.


Are you clear about the needs and importance of both payment gateways and merchant accounts? This is a requirement if you want to perform well in your industry.

The Thing about Chargebacks

Chargebacks are something every payment gateway and processor are concerned about. If the chargebacks caused by the business is way too high, it can bring more damage to the merchant account provider than to the business itself.


So, as a precaution, everyone has to make sure that the Chargebacks are as low as possible while considering the total number of transactions. For those who don’t know, chargebacks are used as a customer-protection system. If the business has some fraudulent products or services or if there are some other messy transaction sets, a customer can lodge a chargeback, upon which the entire amount of transaction would be credited back to their account. While the money is debited from your account, the payment processor would have to bear the not-so-small fines from VISA or MasterCard. This fines happen if the chargeback ratio is more than 2%. You can calculate the chargeback ratio through dividing the number of chargebacks per month by total number of transactions that have been made.


Out of the many things that can reduce the number of chargebacks, you have to make sure that the customer is satisfied with your service. This is a tough task when it comes to an industry like remote tech support — which is a reason why most processors don’t provide you merchant accounts or payment gateways. Even so, you can check out methods such as sending customer-satisfaction mails, issuing refunds if you think there’s some mishap in service providing and obviously to increase the number of transactions per month. If you’d make 100 transactions per month, there must not be more than 2 chargebacks. These things are applicable even when you are using a payment gateway for tech support that is dedicated for the industry.


If you are using Pro Pay Solution as the payment gateway for technical support, we try to make sure that the chargebacks are handled in the proper way. You will be notified on time, and there will be some methods to get over the chargeback issues. However, for the sake of your reputation and smooth functioning of payment reception, it’s highly advised to minimize the number of chargebacks.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the things you must know about getting a payment gateway for technical support. Although it seems to be a tough path, with the help of providers like Pro Pay Solution, you can get your business running in just a few days. For instance, Pro Pay is having an approval rate of 99.8%, which is definitely huge. That is, unless there is something extremely wrong about your business, your payment gateway request will be approved in no time. Also, our professional team is trying the best to ensure the smooth flow of formalities — whatever that is involved. Last but not the least, you are having the benefits of a sponsored merchant account as well. While the best payment gateway takes care of everything, you just have to provide the best-quality service and keep chargebacks as low as possible.

The Best Payment for Tech Support

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